27 Apr 2018

As the effective date of the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union draws near, more and more enterprises choose accounting cloud solutions, which allows them to transfer their responsibility for the safe storage of data to service providers. The increased number of users of the popular Latvian accounting and enterprise management system Tildes Jumis cloud solution serves as a proof of the trend among other things — in the first quarter of this year compared to the same period of the previous year that number increased by 53%.

Before the effective date of GDPR cloud solutions have become a haven for many enterprises, who are unsure of their ability to guarantee the safety of personal data or just do not wish to apply themselves to resolving data security matters on their own. By choosing an enterprise management system as a cloud service these enterprises actually transfer part of their responsibility to service providers and await 25 May in much calmer spirits.

“Entrepreneurs are winners in two ways, if they choose an enterprise management system in a cloud solution. First, it helps to reduce maintenance costs of the system, and second, one does not need to think about the safe storage of data anymore. A conscientious provider of cloud services will ensure protection of the customer’s data according to the highest standards. Of course, cloud solutions are not a solution to the problem of aligning the company’s internal processes to the requirements of GDPR. A competent specialist should be invited for their evaluation,” explains Tildes Jumis Head of Business Development Viesturs Slaidiņš.

Data transferred to Tildes Jumis Pro cloud service is stored at secure Telia data centres, which prevent unauthorised access. All connections to the data are encrypted using 256-bit encryption algorithm, which prevents any data leakage risks. In addition a backup copy of the data is made every hour, thus the customers may be absolutely sure that their data will never be lost.

“The swift rise in popularity of cloud solutions indicates that entrepreneurs’ understanding of the concept of data safety, reasons, for which it must be ensured, and of the ways of doing it is changing. More and more enterprises choose to perform data processing and storage in collaboration with a highly qualified provider of cloud services, for example, Tilde, which is only right, because there are not many enterprises that have the required knowledge and can afford to create and maintain a cost-efficient and safe computing solution, which is protected against modern cyberspace threats, as well as meets the requirements of GDPR, which apply to an operator of personal data,” points out the Commercial Director of Telia Latvija Mārtiņš Paurs.

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