31 Mar 2016

The Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology of the Riga Technical University (RTU FCSIT) deployed a FCSIT cloud computing platform created within the ERDF project (IKSA-CENTRS) Establishment of a publicly significant research centre of information, communication and signal processing technologies under supervision of Jānis Kampars, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Management Information Technology.

“The deployed platform provides great opportunities to FCSIT researchers to obtain the necessary computing power for resolution of complex tasks. The computing cloud is operating in a self-service mode, and computing resources are managed on the platform management portal, where virtual servers and networks may be created for resolution of different specialised tasks,” J. Kampars, RTU FCSIT Senior Lecturer of the Department of Management Information Technology, reports.

The equipment was supplied and installed by SIA Atea, while SIA Telia Latvija deployed the Apache CloudStack open source cloud computing platform and briefed researchers of the faculty.

Currently, researchers of the RTU FCSIT Senior Lecturer of the Department of Management Information Technology use possibilities of the computing cloud to adapt the capability-oriented development environment component created within the FP7’s Capability as a Service (CaaS) project for use in the computing cloud in the form of software services. Only open source solutions and increasingly popular application container technology are used in the adaptation, ensuring efficient use of computing resources, at the same time avoiding licence fees of additional software.

All the elements of the development environment may be accessed from a browser, thus users do not need to configure servers or install any software. The capability-oriented development environment that is integrated in the cloud fosters more efficient cooperation between partners of the FP7 CaaS project and spread of the results achieved.

The FP7’s CaaS or Capability as a Service project in digital companies is a European Commission funded research project, which is implemented by the RTU FCSIT Senior Lecturer of the Department of Management Information Technology in cooperation with five foreign companies and three universities. The purpose of the CaaS project is to develop a methodology and tools for the development of context-dependent information systems to ensure the operation of these information systems according to the set performance indicators in changing environmental conditions.

Information on the CaaS project.

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