31 Aug 2016

On August 20, a group of Latvia’s leading IT developers, analysts and architects gathered together in central office of Telia for A Taste of CDN workshop organised by the Latvian Developers Network to discuss Content Delivery Network (CDN) trends, get an insight into the world of video streaming, refresh their code writing skills and discuss the future of CDN. Telia Latvija experts Norberts Osītis and Artjoms Petrovs shared latest news and greatest challenges, and also warned about some pitfalls, which you can bump into, when starting to use CDN solutions.

The main reason of this workshop was to give IT professionals an insight into CDN, its nature, the problems that CDN may help to solve and its benefits for end users. Several load tests were carried out during the event, which allowed evaluating how the user experience changes, when you are using CDN tools for highly loaded web resources. Participants had an opportunity to stream a webcam of their laptop or the video recorded by their mobile phone’s camera online using the Telia Cloudy CDN service and even embed the video on their website.

If you have missed the workshop, but you are interested in notes of the event, you can read them here

See you next time!

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