24 May 2016

Over 150 participants from 70 organisations applied for participation in the Work from Anywhere! Day that will be held on May 27 in the park behind the Latvian National Museum of Art. This confirms the growing interest of Latvia to flexible work as a modern form of work organisation. The purpose of the activity is to familiarise with the opportunities of flexible work style, principles of work organisation and flexible work as a tool to motivate employees and attract talents. Interested persons can still apply for participation on

“Since school and university, young people have been starting to get used that they can work from anywhere. Everyone experiments and searches for an environment, where he or she may work most efficiently. In the Go Beyond youth development programme, we are also creative in where and how to work. Today, it seems absolutely natural to meet in coffee shops, arrange Skype meetings and work on shared documents at the time and in the place, which fits everyone. Flexible work opportunities are also a key criterion, when young people evaluate their future employers,” Jānis Jukna, the Head of the Go Beyond youth development programme indicates.

The Latvian National Museum of Art, which is now open after a grand reconstruction, is a place fostering growth of creative personality and improving the quality of life. The museum tends to be a resource and a platform for creativity and inspiration, where to regenerate on a daily basis, gain energy and broaden one’s horizons”, Anna Balandina, the Head of Communication Department of the Latvian National Museum of Art, indicates.

During the activity:

Company CEOs will share their TOP 5 considerations on how to create a flexible work model with maximum efficiency;
Players of the TTT Rīga basketball team will provide any participant with the possibility to “do sport anywhere” – to exercise correctly during their working time;
The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development will advise on public e-services, as well as provide practical help on preparation of your computer for work with an eID card;
The World Wildlife Fund for Nature will familiarise with its Green Office, why and how to get a Green Office certificate, and how flexible work may help save the environment;
Līga Peiseniece, the Vice-Rector for Education, Associated Professor of the Management Department of the School of Business and Finance, will provide all interested persons with the possibility to “study from anywhere” by participating in an open lecture “Work of the future 2020. What skills to develop for the work of the future?”;
Squalio will tell about Office 365 possibilities for flexible work.
“In early spring, in a study conducted by research centre SKDS, 80% of small and medium-sized Latvian companies confirmed that the use of the latest IT products and services for the operation of their companies make work processes more efficient and automate them, foster mobility, possibilities to work from any place, which generally increases productivity of their employees and the turnover of the company. This study confirms once again the growing understanding of businesses of the importance of technologies in a hasty business environment, Gatis Ošs, Member of the Board of Squalio (former DPA) emphasises.

“The World Wildlife Fund for Nature participates in the Work from Anywhere! activity for the fifth year. It is a great possibility to popularise socially responsible and environmentally friendly working conditions. We are thinking about employee’s feelings, efficiency, productivity and environmentally friendly daily choices. Our daily routines are very diverse, and we have introduced the Green Office environment management system in our office, which requires us to evaluate different influences in a responsible way. Flexible work environment supported by modern technological solutions helps solve transport, energy consumption related challenges in a more adaptive way, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions and positively promoting understanding of employees of a more environmentally friendly lifestyle,” Jānis Rozītis, Director of the World Wildlife Fund for Nature, says.

Also, during the event:

Trentini will explain how to set up your working place to respect your health;
Microsoft Latvia will demonstrate the latest Windows devices and ergonomic accessories;
The youngest participants of the activity may take part in special recreational activities in the kids corner;
Cooperation partners will offer snacks and drinks.
Participants will have access to high-quality Lattelecom Wi-Fi.

The activity will be held on May 27 from 13:00 to 15:00 in the park behind the Latvian National Museum of Art. Learn more and apply for participation in the event here: Anyone interested in the flexible working style, its benefits and opportunities is welcome. Organisers are planning to gather together about 300 participants from 100 organisations.

Seven partners joined together to implement the initiative in 2016 – Microsoft Latvia, Lattelecom, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, World Wildlife Fund for Nature, Go Beyond, Squalio and the Latvian National Museum of Art.

This year, supporters and informative friends of the initiative are Mailigen, Gemius,,, the Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association, Civic Alliance – Latvia, Trentini, the Foundation of Boris and Inara Teterev, Elva Baltic, Jabra, Belam, the Latvian Association for Public Relations Professionals, TTT Rīga basketball team,, TechHub Riga, TVG, ALSO, Accenture, Banku augstskola,, Electrolux, Mans bankets, Telia Latvija, Capital, Catchbox, American Chamber of Commerce in Latvia, Tukuma piens.

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