Why Telia

1Integrated in Telia cloud platform

2Unlimited scalability, more than 1PB

3Easily manageable multi-tenanted StaaS

4Pay as you go

Solve your biggest capacity storage challenges

  • Designed to handle media workflows

  • Various client interfaces, native S3 API

  • S3-enabled applications and rich metadata features

  • Designated for Backup & archive targets

  • Guaranteed data safety

Technical Specification

Self Service Portal

The service is provided via access to the self-service portal. Service users may create and configure buckets and manage users rights.

  • API – for integration with any interface. REST and SOAP over HTTP
  • self-service WEB portal
  • mapped disk at OS files system
  • native S3 clients
  • mobile applications

Media storage

Integrated with Telia Cloudy CDN service. Compatible with all popular media asset manager solutions


For backup and redundancy we provide replication and lifecycle tiering to the Amazon S3 or Azure Blob

Cost Estimator

Monthly total
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Object Storage

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