Why Telia

1Monitors everything: servers, databases, applications, network equipment etc.

2Monitors everywhere: both in Telia's and in other providers' networks, in virtual and physical environment

3High level of data security

4Support of Telia's experts in implementing the solution

524/7 Customer Support

Monitoring Solution Will Suit Enterprise Who Wants

  • Fully control operation of all equipment

  • Monitor infrastructure in a proactive manner

  • Customized monitoring

  • Optimize ICT resources and capacity

  • Outsource supervision of ICT infrastructure

Description of the Service

Monitoring of servers
  • Monitoring of equipment: disks, RAM, CPU, etc.;
  • Various operating systems: MS, Linux, etc.;
  • Monitoring of network bandwidth usage.

Monitoring of application programs
  • WEB servers, FTP, DNS, etc.;
  • Databases: MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.;
  • E-mail solutions: SMTP, IMAP, POP3, etc.;
  • Monitoring of WEB content;
  • Monitoring of other applications.

Monitoring of virtual solutions
  • VMware monitoring;
  • Hyper-V monitoring.


Monitoring of network solutions
  • Network equipment monitoring: routers, switches, etc.;
  • Monitoring of networking connections.

Technical Description

Requirements for customer infrastructure
  • The customer's equipment must be accessible through Telia Cloudy Monitoring system. Possible solutions: a proxy in the customer's infrastructure or individual access to each device;
  • Conformity of equipment configuration to the selected type of monitoring (agent, SNMP, etc.).


Monitoring templates
  • Use of standard templates;
  • Change of standard templates at the customer's request;
  • Creation of customized templates at the customer's request.


Alerting to the customer
  • We offer: to send all alerts to the customer or filter them at the customer's request;
  • Possible ways of alerting via e-mail and/or SMS.


ICT infrastructure supervision service
  • Alarms from the monitored customer infrastructure are received, processed and registered by Telia Customer Support;
  • Customer Support notifies the customer by telephone depending upon the classification of the monitoring event.


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Equipment and network monitoring

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