Why Telia

1Centralized and remote management

2Various locations - one solution

3Access cameras from mobile devices

4High security standards in record storage

5Low initial investment

Video surveillance in the cloud


  • Branch offices

  • Retail chains

  • Seasonal business

  • Small business

  • Staff Monitoring

About service

Technical Specification


Access from various devices

Possibility to connect to live video transmissions via Chrome web browser, as well as from mobile devices 24x7x365 using a free app for iOS and Android operating systems. Remote centralized monitoring and configuration of cameras and recordings.


Security and reliability

Ubiquiti brand devices are known for their solid and durable construction and ease of use. While Telia is one of the leading cloud computing and Internet service providers with a high level of responsibility for both availability of business processes and data security of customer. Accordingly, the result of these joint values means safe and reliable Cloudy Cam service.


Flexible pricing policy

You can choose between two service options, first individual controller (Cloudy Cam enterprise) have more configuration option suitable for branch offices and retail chains, second shared controller (Cloudy Cam Simple) have less configuration options, but still does the main thing - surveillance, suitable for seasonal business, small business and staff monitoring.


Centralised administration

Manage multiple cameras located in different locations remotely at the same time. Convenient management of system users and access rights, as well as configuration of cameras from anywhere at any time. Customers requiring small number of cameras can use an individual account in a shared environment with pre-defined settings.

Ubiquiti Video Camera Offer

Easily scale IP surveillance camera networks to hundreds* of plug and play, high-performance devices across multiple locations. Manage and control your system with intuitive software packed with powerful features and analytic capabilities - all without licensing fees or support costs.

Available cameras

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Unifi G3 DOME
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Cloud Video Surveillance
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