01 Jun 2018

“Jurists ABC” offers legal services in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia for 10 years. Its team consists of experienced professionals, who manage legal proceedings and represent enterprises, help to recover debts and provide advice about improving one’s business. The key to the company’s success is development of individual solutions to address the particular problems of each customer.

A pioneering enterprise tests new technologies and solutions

“Considering the nature of our work our specialists need access to the data regardless of their location. That was one of the main reasons changes were necessary,” tells Toms Ritums, “Jurists ABC” project manager.

“We began cooperation with Telia in 2016, after a decision to work with Telia, which was based on market research involving gathering of information about Latvian enterprises offering equivalent solutions. The decision in favour of Telia was largely due to the attractive offer and professional communication from Telia’s team,” continues Toms Ritums. “We had to test the solution and understand the way it works, which Telia was able to offer. In addition I must mention the successful communication with Telia’s employees – they were very dedicated to finding a solution that would best suit our needs, very knowledgeable in their area of expertise and as a result inspired confidence.” According to Ritums introduction of a cloud solution was a considerable challenge from the point of view of technologies, but cooperation with Telia’s specialists helped the changes along very smoothly. Presently the company uses Telia’s virtual resources and cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 plans.

“We see ourselves as a cutting-edge enterprise and are not afraid to test new technologies and are always on the lookout for new solutions to increase our work efficiency, therefore cooperation with Telia seemed an obvious step,” emphasises Toms Ritums.

The greatest gain – mobility and no limitations

As the greatest benefit from this cooperation Toms Ritums mentions no limitations to the employees’ choice of place of work and even faster response to customers’ needs: “Remote working opportunities do not only make us more attractive as an employer in the eyes of our employees, but also improve our relationships with customers.”

“Storage of data in a cloud does not require any additional equipment. In addition, our technological capacities depend on the number of employees, and we know that Telia can simply increase them as required,” says Toms Ritums.

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