25 Oct 2017

“Telia Latvija” has developed a cloud based video platform and video content delivery tool Telia Cloudy CDN. It has been nominated for the Export and Innovation Awards 2017 organized by Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) and the Ministry of Economics in the Innovative Product category.

In gear with customers

Since 2013 Telia has launched onto the market 8 cloud based products under Telia Cloudy brand. The volume of the provided cloud services grows each year and presently it exceeds 20 % of the total turnover. Telia Cloudy CDN video platform is the most recent solution – a combination of equipment and software, which makes easier storage, processing and protection against unauthorised viewing of large video files, as well as their delivery or streaming on the Internet, recording etc.

“Any component of the service in itself is not a technological innovation or something new, innovative is their integration into one system, which creates added value by making smoother and speeding up the process for users, who own the content. For example, the global TV industry company Fashion TV has declared that it is interested in fashion, and technologies allow producing best quality TV spots and films about fashion. We have been entrusted with the next step – preparation of the content for the Internet and storage of files,” tells “Telia Latvija” Executive Director Mikus Ozols. The innovation brought about by the company is equipment and software integration, alignment, simplification of processes and provision of the service to the customer by means of a common user-friendly interface on online portal. All employees involved in the life cycle of the service (development, maintenance, sales and after sales service) – IT administrators, programmers, product managers, sales and customer service employees – take on the role of research and development department of the company in order to create, maintain and ensure its continuous development.

“An innovation in our substantiated opinion is involvement of customers in the research and development process. They provide feedback about using the service, recommendations about the necessary improvements and additional functionality, in some cases they even find solutions to specific problems. The company works with Fashion TV on such basis, who as a result is a customer and a partner in research simultaneously,” explains M.Ozols. “Telia Latvija” does not cooperate with scientific research institutions in the development of the new video platform, however, the company keeps such possibility under consideration for the future. “Since technologies evolve fast, a half-year or a year long research would be too long for our business,” he clarifies.

Invests and advertises

“Telia Latvija” has invested into development of Telia Cloudy CDN platform and the related technological research and equipment around 300 thousand euro. “We continue investing into further improvements of the product, because in the new technological era it can never be fully completed,” tells M.Ozols and adds that investment in Telia Cloudy CDN has already paid back.

During the media, entertainment and video show International Broadcasters’ Convention (IBC) the company implemented a global, targeted campaign on the social network Linkedln to inform potential customers from the Baltic states, Scandinavia, Europe and Asia about the new product. The campaign attracted large number of visitors to the company’s profile on the exhibition’s website. “As a result we returned from the show with 18 valuable potential customers. Presently, eight of them are testing our platform,” tells M.Ozols. Since “Telia Latvija” is part of Telia Company, it cooperates intensely with other companies in the parent company’s group in their respective fields of competence, including IP Transit provider Telia Carrier to ensure its presence in Latvia and Internet services to operators. At the same time the global infrastructure makes smoother transportation of the signal to and from Telia Cloudy platform. “Telia Latvija” also cooperates with the Division X structural unit on the matters related to global content delivery network (CDN) partnership with Verizon Digital Media Services.

“Telia Latvija” presents Telia Cloudy CDN to the jury of Export and Innovation Awards 2017:

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