03 Aug 2017

Thanks to Telia content delivery network (CDN), Telia has successfully ensured live videos for its clients for over 3 years and allows receiving, storing, processing and transmitting live videos and videos on demand (VoD) online through its Telia Cloudy CDN video platform. We are proud that even the world-known TV channel HBO appreciates the advantages of Telia Cloudy CDN.

As the 360° video content format is gaining increasing popularity in the world, also the volume of data to be transmitted and stored is increasing as well. Therefore, Telia updated Telia Cloudy CDN platform to ensure shooting and streaming of 360° videos online.

Until now, Telia has implemented countless projects of live events through cooperation with video operator and event producer partners. In addition, since Latvia has relatively little experience in shooting 360° video, this spring, Telia took the challenge of not only providing 360° live videos, but also of shooting 360° video materials.

The 360° video and virtual reality experience allows the audience of culture, sports and educational events gaining new and surprising experience and sense of presence during the event. Also 360° video companies which are using it for recording or streaming own events can position themselves as technology leaders and may even receive new business opportunities.

We can proudly say that we have ensured successful implementation of such projects as shooting of 360° video for the band Iļģi grand concert “Spēlēju. Dancoju. Dejoju”, HGK Drift World Championship and shooting of 360° video and ensuring of live broadcast for “Ghetto Games Festival in Ventspils 2017” and Riga Yacht Club Ķīšezers Cup 2017.

We have created a fast motion video as an insight in the live stream records of Ķīšezers Cup.

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