31 May 2017

“As the age of Internet of Things (IoT) begins, the video surveillance on cloud is a particularly interesting and fast-growing service. According to the forecasts of analysts, in the near future, video surveillance on cloud will be one of the most commonly used IoT technologies on global level. The forecast for the next five years predicts approximately billion video cameras connected online,” Martins Paurs (Mārtiņš Paurs), the Commercial Director at Telia Latvia tells about the news in using business technologies at BiSMART Video Studio.

By taking this chance, any entrepreneur will be given an opportunity to gain control over own company and its essential processes, thus ensuring the general productivity and security.

The main advantage of video surveillance on cloud is that no significant initial investments are necessary for installing and starting using it. Both cameras and the recording controller may be leased without long-term obligations and to change as and when necessary. By storing the recordings on cloud, a company owner will always be able to view the recordings even in the case of theft or accident, where the cameras or the entire equipment have been stolen or damaged. Video filming and storage of recordings on cloud takes place in real time, and they can be accessed from anywhere and at any time convenient for the user.

This service will be particularly convenient for companies with branches or work sites at different locations. In such case, each such location needs only a camera. All recordings will be stored on the common cloud, which is both convenient and efficient. Companies with typical seasonality is the other category, to which the video surveillance on cloud will be especially beneficial. Quantity of cameras may vary even on monthly basis, and the client will be charged only for the cameras used.

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