1Enhanced mobility for greater productivity

2Security and compilance in connectivity

3Software costs saved due depending on actual use

Virtual computing tool for relaxed and mobile business performance

With particular care for outstanding graphical content quality

  • Citrix-powered technology

  • Safe and ultra-fast connectivity to work environment

  • Access from any device anywhere

  • Superior graphics performance with NVIDIA

  • Simplified IT via remote desktop management

Technical Specification

Excellent graphics performance

Considerable improvements in the performance of the customer’s computer hardware for working in the virtual environment, including NVIDIA high-quality support for multimedia content. Communication with Cisco, Microsoft and Citrix solutions.

Flexible use of software

Software installation and replacement depending on actual use, so that overpaying for unused software can be avoided.


Security and reliability

Encrypted data flow, multi-factor authentication, SSL, VPN support. Delivery of remote access while addressing privacy, compliance, and risk management mandates.

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